Balance, Main Market Square in Bytom


In my work I focus on man. I am interested in analysing human behaviour, attitudes, and emotions. Through my indirect, poetical forms I explore the fields of human sensitivity, desires, feelings, worries or energies that I am influenced by.

I try to base my work on elusive, hardly definable feelings, emotions that we are all tossed between, hidden desires appearing in our dreams or in real life. I have no intention to make comments on current affairs.

I express myself through figurative sculptures, which are often white, deformed, headless figures. It is with them that I build my own catalogue of human behaviour. To me the headless figure represents a human being; I do not identify it with any particular person; I do not name it.

At the opposite pole of my artistic expression are human heads. These usually huge forms, although separated from the rest of the body, symbolise a man in his spiritual and intellectual life, in his reason, wisdom and, finally, in his human perfection.

As a sculptor I am interested in the interaction between my works and their surroundings. I often set my sculptures in a natural environment; in trees or rivers but also in urban space; in squares or market places. The exhibitions in public space have recently become the most important form of my artistic expression.